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03 Nov

The history of the bodysuit is a circular history.


Its origins date back to the twenties of the last century, with totally different appearance than today, but it began to be exploited as an item of clothing around the seventies.

These are the years of disco-music in the afternoon and evening and women go wild on the dance floor wearing the bodysuit under the miniskirt just as the fashion demands of these times.


Until a few years ago, the most conspicuous use of this garment was aimed at an intimate fit, greater coverage in the winter months, but also sports activities, first of all classical dance.


Today the bodysuit returns to being that of the seventies, essentially used as a shirt in combination with pants or skirts. There are various types, embroidered with lace, soft, silk, microfiber, with rhinestones and poillettes or with variegated prints.

If embroidered in lace or sheer, it can be used to replace blouses,  with an elegant trousers or skirt and a jacket, making the result fine and sensual.

It can also accompany jeans for an everyday outfit, not necessarily combined with a high-heeled shoe, flat or sports shoes will also do just fine.


The versatility of the bodysuit is due to its dual characteristic, it is a comfortable and sexy garment at the same time. It defines and shapes the body, highlighting its harmony and masking imperfections in weak points, such as the abdominal area, to soften the shape as a whole.


Although adaptable to the most varied uses, the bodysuit remains a garment with a strong potential for seduction, demonstrating that sensuality is by no means bound to the nakedness of the bodies but is the effect of a game, I see and I do not see, that leaves room to the imagination.


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