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23 Nov

Have you ever worn a wool and silk garment?

Let’s to discover the excellence of the products in this fabric.

The wool and silk was created to make Merinos wool products even softer and more resistant; silk is usually added in percentages that can vary from 10 to 30

It must be added in low rates  (10-30%) to make the wool even softer and more pleasant on the skin. Thanks to the silk, which increases the flexibility of the fibers, the products in this fabric are more resistant to wear, warmer and less sensitive to felting.

The silk also does not shrink when washed and helps the dimensional stability of the entire garment.  

The qualities of Merino wool  

Insulation, lightness, hygroscopicity (the ability of a substance to absorb water molecules present in the environment) and softness are considerably amplified by the presence of silk; we can undoubtedly say that "wool and silk" is the best product for quality and price.   In the colder seasons, it is also necessary to give the right importance to underwear. To avoid getting cold, wool is the most important thing to wear and the first thing to buy! Wool protects you by preventing moisture from penetrating. At the same time it is breathable, keeps you dry and keeps your body temperature constant, even if you are exposed to temperature changes, inside or outside the rooms. Just a simple wool tank top (or short or long sleeves) and you can already abandon a layer of clothes, still feeling good! Wool and wool / silk are the most suitable fabrics for underwear in winter, to be chosen according to your needs:  

  If you are very exposed to cold and humidity, Pure Wool (100% Merino Wool) is recommended.

  For environments with continuous hot-cold and inside-outside thermal changes, the right choice would be Wool / Silk (85% Wool 15% Silk).

  If we are mainly indoors, at home or at work, and  we are looking for something subtle, light and warm at the same time, the best choice is Silk / Wool (70% Wool 30% Silk), also very suitable as underwear to sleep at night.

Let us remember that the lower the percentage of silk, the higher the quality of the wool; since it is the wool that gives it greater softness, while the silk makes it possible to achieve excellence. A higher percentage of silk than indicated is a sign of low quality wool and therefore of a lower quality of the product.

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